Reflexology is a scientific art based on the premise that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to parts of the body.

Application of pressure to these reflex points using thumb, finger, and hand techniques reduces stress, improves circulation, unblocks energy, and more — all of which help the body care for itself.

At Reflexology by Gabi, we don’t diagnose or treat specific medical conditions. By working on the foot, hand, and face, we help your body return to a state of balance that promotes healing.

Our Approach to Caring for You

Our certified reflexologist, Gabi Cipollone, is passionate about taking the time to find techniques that work best for each person in her care.

Gabi’s approach is both methodical and intuitive. Gabi works through a well-established set of reflexology techniques to find the ones that will help you most. She assesses their effectiveness by watching your expression and waiting for the sense of “feeling connected” to you. Of course, she talks with you as well!

We see reflexology as one part of a holistic approach to good health. Regular exercise, a healthful diet, and restful sleep are all important to enhancing your well being too.

Facial Reflex Therapy

At Reflexology by Gabi, we offer the Sorensensistemâ„¢ of Facial Reflex Therapy. This therapy combines Chinese energy meridians and acupuncture points, Vietnamese and South American body maps, and the modern science of neuro-anatomy. Sorensensistem allows us to identify imbalances in your health and provides the knowledge to begin the process of healing using the body to balance all of these disciplines.

The Science Behind Reflexology

We believe stress reduction is reflexology’s most important contribution to good health.

The scientific literature on the impact of stress on our physical and mental health is large and well accepted as is the literature on the health benefits of stress reduction. Reflexology is one of many effective stress reduction techniques you can choose.

The University of Minnesota has compiled a comprehensive summary of what research says about reflexology.

Studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health have found promising links between reflexology and pain relief, stress reduction, better sleep, and improvement of psychological symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

Imaging studies show reflexology increases blood flow to the kidneys and intestines. Reflexology seems to help address symptoms associated with kidney dialysis. And multiple studies have shown reflexology helpful to people suffering from cancer. Read the University of Minnesota’s complete summary of reflexology research here.

Detoxifying Foot Baths

Enjoy a warm and relaxing foot bath when you visit Reflexology by Gabi! Our Ion Cleanse foot baths help to detoxify your lymphatic system, joints, and organs and promote higher energy, more restful sleep, and a sense of well being. They also help us create a platform for health.

All people are toxic to a certain degree because of our environment, the food we eat, the cleaning and body care products we use, stress, and many more factor around us.

To make an appointment with Gabi Cipollone in her Media or Ardmore office, please call us at 610-645-6578 today!