I initially went for headaches (which I experienced for over two years). Within the first two weeks of Facial Reflex Therapy, they were gone. I returned at least 5 times after I was pain free. 25% of my reason for returning was to make sure the pain wouldn’t return. The other 75% was simply because it was so relaxing.M. Hayes



Reflexology is an exchange between two people designed to open up the body’s natural flow of energy, to smooth out blockages and disruptions and to maximize comfort and health for both client and practitioner. The skill of the practitioner is key, as is the openness of both reflexologist and client to the potential benefits of the therapy.

Gabriele is a very capable therapist and is dedicated to continual study of the art, but what stands out for me in the four plus years I have worked with Gabi is her intention to make a difference by putting her all into each treatment.

For people who want to work with a skilled reflexologist to optimize their health I would highly recommend Gabi. —  Marge Gillis